For builders

AYOL NET offers cooperation at the stage of building.
Structured cable network (SCN) is the basis ofthe information system of the organization. Properly designed and built SCS contribute to coordinated work of all departments of the company. AYOL NET is investing in telecommunications infrastructure building at any stage of the project, self-financing the conducting of the following works:

  • Laying of fibre-optic communication channel;
  • Design and installation of utility networks of any complexity;
  • Placement, connection and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and communication networks at the site;
  • Preparation and adjustment of the general executive documentationCooperation on the operational stage.

We take into consideration the specifics of each client and create an optimal telecommunications structure, which allows lessee to use utmost communication resources on the site. As part of managing of telecommunications building infrastructure AYOL NET provides warranty and maintenance service, as well as round the clock monitoring of the network.

In addition to the traditional set of services, AYOL NET offers the combined capabilities of a traditional telephony and high-speed Internet access.This is a packageof up-to-date services, helping to dynamic and client oriented business to simplify the process of communication and document flow with existing and potential customers.

We guarantee

reduction of the telecommunications costs;
decrease of the project payback period due to the optimization of operating costs;
increase ofthe object’s profitability and itsattractiveness to lessees.