Owning Real Estate

The customer is always right!

This statement is true now more than ever.

Loyalty of customers, their preferences take centre stage in the competitive struggle among the business centres of any class.As practice shows, the possibility of choosing a reliable and reasonably priced Internet service provider and telephony becomes one of the main factors when choosing one or another office.

Exclusive contract for the provision of telecommunication services todayis a serious encumbrance to the lessor.Those whoare afraid to let in other operators lose out to the samebusiness centres in the “freedom of speech degree ". The presence of several Internet service providers creates a healthy competition and a positive effect on the cost of access services.

We have accumulated vast experience indealing with such situations and in letting in an alternative communication channel "smoothly" that ultimately has a positive impact on the overall development of the business centre.

AYOL NET - communication operatorof a full cycle, focused on co-operation with management companies and owners of commercial real estate objects.

We offer an individual approach to the organization of telecommunication services to each businesscentre lessee.


Five reasons to choose AYOL NET as a provider of telecommunications solutions:

  1. Independent investments in telecommunications infrastructure of the building;
  2. Creation of SCS and installation of telecommunications network in the building;
  3. Execution of project documentation;
  4. Dedicated operational support of lessee;
  5. The possibility of participation of the business centre in the income.

If you are a property owner or his representative, we are pleased to prepare for you a commercial offer.All you need to do - is to get acquainted with our corporate department managers by phone: (044) 338-06-10 or send a short request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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